DogTraining101 Manuals and Documentation for Team

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Daily or weekly requirements

Obedience Levels Manuals

1. Puppy School Handouts
2. Child Safety
3. Dog Drives and Language
4. Fleas, Ticks and Parasites
5. Nutrition
6. Puppy Socialisation
7. First Aid Handout
8. Dog First Aid


In Home Training Guideline

Team Learning Modules

1. Animal Handling
2. Types of Training
2 a. Food Motivated
2b. Play Motivated
2c. Prey motivated
2d. Tactile motivated
2e. Verbal Motivated
3. Adolescent Dog Training
4. Adult Dog Training
5. Breed Specific Training
5a. Working Dogs (Police, Patrol, Security, Guard Dogs)
5b. Retrieving Dogs (Dogs that love to hunt and retrieve or play and retrieve)
5c. Bull Types (Dogs within the Bull baiting and fighting breeds)
5d. Herding Dogs (Two distinct styles herding small stock and herding large stock)
5e. Toy Breeds (The group of small dogs that are most likely to be housebound)
5f. Hound Dogs – Sight (Focus on Sight)
5g. Hound Dog – Scent (Focus on the Olfaction)
5h. Guardian Dogs (Dogs that guard flocks and territories)
6. Special Client Services
7. Canine Behaviour
7a. Classical conditioning
7b. Operant Conditioning
7c – Extinction
7d – Capturing
7e – Luring
7f – Shaping
7g – PreMack Principle
7h – Clicker Training
7i – Verbal marking

Team Exams Practical

Team Exams Theory

Admin and Hr Stuff

1. Office Admininstration
1.1 Checking Stock Figures vs Sold Figures for Trainers
1.2 Free Courses for Rescues and repeating clients
1.3 Matching Cash
1.4 XERO Specific tasks
1.5 Adding Invoices
1.6 Adding Receipts
1.7 Adding Purchases
2. Trainers Administration
2.1 Adding Invoices on XERO..
2.2 Dealing with Cash Payments
2.3 Certificates
2.4 Sending stock on hand figures
2.5 Group Class Photos
2.6 Vcita
1. Scope
2. Aims
3. Staff rights and responsibilities
4. Additional responsibilities of managers and supervisors
5. Unacceptable workplace conduct
 6. Discrimination
7.  Bullying
8. Sexual harassment
9.  Victimisation
10, Breach of confidentiality
11. Merit at DogTraining 101
12. Resolving issues at DogTraining 101
13. Other relevant DogTraining 101 policies
1. Introduction
2. Personal Conduct
3. Recruitment
4. Training.
5. Probation.
6. Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S)
7. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
8. Flexible Working Arrangements.
9. Leave Policy.
10. Performance Management
11. Performance Improvement
12. Grievances.
13. Conflict of Interest
14. Intellectual Property and Security
15. Relationships at work
16. Bringing your dog to work